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Marketing information system and its evolution

A company has at its disposal a large amount of data that can be collected to help you make better decisions. Hence the importance of the analysis of information in marketing. In order to gather the information that is useful, the Marketing Information Systems are being used. More about Marketing Information systems When talking about marketing information […]Read More


Marketing Intelligence System

Currently, one of the most important pillars when taking action within organizations is information. This has caused several organizations to resort to information systems in order to obtain this valuable resource. In other words, an information system is a means by which data flows in an organization, this information can be internal or external and will be […]Read More


What is the Marketing Information System?

Modern marketing requires more dynamic and intelligent information systems every day. The real-time information for decision making every day becomes more relevant. Focusing marketing strategies on the knowledge of customers and markets, requires having antennas placed on the market and multi-source data collection systems that allow anticipating market trends and thus making smarter decisions. Technology, Big Data and […]Read More