Business effectiveness, a pillar in business administration

 Business effectiveness, a pillar in business administration

In the work of daily life and in each area of ​​life it is necessary to apply methods and schedules to work, from a starting point where personal initiative is born following the establishment of an objective or goal to be achieved, to achieve it, techniques are needed or at least one system of execution of tasks that is orderly and clear to perform. In addition, the resources and assets that can be used must be taken into account, the administration being the basis for careful use. This concept can be applied in different environments, whether social or economic, mainly in the second, since it is thanks to business administration that each of the operations can be managed in a controlled manner, thus ensuring the safe compliance of the system that is applied in the company.

The importance of the administration is that thanks to it, resources or assets are not wasted when executing tasks or activities, added to it and thanks to its control, additional attempts can be made in case of failure and knowing exactly where it should be improved to achieve the goal or objective In addition, actions can be formed in conjunction with other sectors of the company for a common purpose, being possible because it coordinates the tasks of each particular sector thus increasing productivity and efficiency of the use of the company’s resources. The control exercised by the administration is noted at a technical, strategic and operational level as the organization is evaluated in each of its phases and levels,

The slogan that best defines the administration is that of constant improvement, as a result of this, more qualified personnel, better equipment, materials, money and human relationships are usually more fluid as a result of assertive communication prevailing in the environment of job. The universality of the administration derives from the vision of the future with which it can foresee the possible internal or external elements that may affect the execution of activities to achieve an end and therefore is applied in the army, state organizations, and educational institutions, religious, among other. The main thing is to efficiently reach the final goal.

In addition to the aforementioned, the importance of the administration is that being so specific cannot be confused with other sciences, although the person can be a good chemical engineer can also be a bad administrator, hence his auxiliary character of other sciences or techniques. In the organizations or social strata in which each member of the administrative component is applied, he has the character of a boss because he must remain calm at difficult times to make correct decisions. Despite this, its flexible nature is undeniable in being able to adapt to changes due to the company’s needs as a result of applying methods, techniques or processes from other sciences that are related to efficiency, statistics, mathematics, economics, sociology, anthropology, politics, among others.

Business administration today, the power of the brain

The goal of business administration studies is to give interested students the skills in the conduct of complex people and organizations, and a comprehensive view of how businesses function in general, however, who really studies this career?, The student with an ideal profile?, or boys who do not have much idea and who simply sign up for thinking that they will have a secure future. Whatever the answer, we consider it something that should concern companies and entrepreneurs and that is why we write here the desirable profile for the business administration student.

An ideal candidate must have the ability to analyze, a taste for what the business world implies and a great commercial vision, hunger to know human psychology and great sociability. In the career you will be stressed in the analysis of complex totalities and problems in the business economic field, studies include a wide variety of phenomena, how does the business work in today’s changing environment? And what can be done to develop the way of working? They are central questions on the topic of business administration. The central perspective, management, energy, change, knowledge, strategy and processes, are all ancillary themes of the discipline.

The content of business administration courses reflects the perception that the company’s modern resource center is not raw materials or machines, but the power of the brain, new ideas and know-how. In addition, we believe that the success of tomorrow’s business must have a good understanding of individual and group behavior in organizations.

Description of the theme of business administration

The main objective of the business administration career is to develop the ability of students to use the functions of general management in the business world, knowledge in the following areas is essential: Master the way of leading people and understand human behavior, how to organize and direct the development processes of companies effectively, know how to organize and develop the function of human resources within a company effectively, take control of a company in the direction desired, knowing how to create and implement successful strategies, knowing how to develop skills and knowing how to organize courses and activities for learning in companies, In addition to knowing the most suitable way to coordinate the business activities of a company including the international context. Image source


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