9 Applications to Manage Small and Freelance Businesses Comfortably

 9 Applications to Manage Small and Freelance Businesses Comfortably

We are in the age of Applications.

There are apps for everything and that includes business.

Whether you need help with finances, sales, customers or the payment system, today we bring you 9 applications to manage your business more easily … (and most are free!)

Let’s start with our favorite.

1.    And.co

From organizing tasks, submitting proposals, requesting payments and organizing your client list, And.co is a complete solution for your business.

It’s one of those apps that you wonder why everyone isn’t talking about it. In particular, it was designed for freelancers or agencies and a service company.

Oh, did we forget that it is 100% free and has a support team included?

Applications to Manage the Finances and Accounting of Your Business

2.    Alegra

If your business is established in the market and you want to keep an eye on your income and benefits, you have to keep an eye on Alegra.

Alegra is the only business accounting and finance software that we know of that was created and designed specifically for business owners specifically in Latin America.

Due to this, the management of your bank accounts, billing and administration of your business will be aligned with the regulations of your respective government.

It is an easy and safe way to automate the accounting part of a business that so many owners detest. More than 100,000 entrepreneurs use it to grow their business.

3.    Wallet

Wallet has a somewhat more focused essence on personal finances, but it is a powerful application to budget your expenses and those of your business.

You can automatically synchronize your bank accounts and visualize, at the end of the month, how close you are to that budget.

Grouping and classifying your expenses in the corresponding categories, and importing the data into spreadsheets for later management is also possible.

4.    Mint

Like Wallet, Mint clusters and keeps you up to date on all your expenses, income and even assets in real time.

It has features to allow you to pay your services and bills on time, reminding you of them before they are due.

If you are in the US, you can also keep an eye on your credit to ensure that the bank does not reject your next loan application.

5.    FreshBooks

Freshbooks is one of the most widely used billing and accounting applications in the mobile application space. It currently has more than 10 million users worldwide.

And it’s no surprise, with FreshBooks you can create custom invoices to give your clients a good impression of your professionalism.

It has a ‘time tracker’ and the ability to collaborate as a group if necessary.

The best part is the graphics where you can see the summary of everything in an easy to understand and intuitive way.

You can try it for free for 30 days. After this, you have plans that range from $ 15 / month to $ 50 / month depending on the number of clients.

6.    QuickBooks

Another software used by millions of small businesses in the world.

If you have employees or subcontractors, they even allow you to automate the payroll and payment process, always keeping in accordance with government laws.

Like the others, income and expenses, invoices and payments, and time records can be managed through this.

They have a free 30-day plan and today they have a 50% discount on paid plans.

Applications to Manage Sales and Clients of Your Business

7.    Pipedrive

Now comes the famous CRM (Client Relationship Management).

Pipedrive, in particular, focuses on the sales process and helps you see the process your customers go through (from the first contact to the sale), visually and easily.

Viewing sales forecasts based on smart algorithms and sending emails or notifications to ensure that nothing is overlooked are other interesting specifications of this app.

8.    Salesforce

One of the pioneers in customer management and sales technology.

It is considered the # 1 CRM in the world and ranks among the Top 10 software-as-a-service companies with +25,000 employees.

They have solutions for all types of businesses from the smallest to the largest industries.

And while their strength as you might expect by name is sales, they also have e-commerce management and customer service features available.

Applications to Manage Your Business Payments

9.    Square

This application allows you to add credit card payment processing in a physical business easily.

The objective of this is that with a simple and small square you can accept any type of card for whatever you sell.

Your customers only need to sign and a digital receipt will be sent to them. Payments are deposited into your bank account a few days later and you can track sales, inventory analysis, and more.


Managing a business is not easy at all, but with the use of cash from some of these applications you can make the journey more enjoyable.

It is important that you do not overuse them and only register where they really apply to you and your business.

Dare to try some and tell us how it is.



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